Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sugar Rush

I swear, I am not slacking off here on purpose. I have every intent on posting frequently, but then life gets in the way and I'm so tired and oh look, another baby website to check out. And sudden this blog is forgotten. But I need to be better. Not only to keep you all informed but also as my own record of this incredible journey I've been on for the last 6 1/2 months.

I can not believe I am almost out of my second semester. I'm in the home stretch baby!! ONLY 3 MONTHS TO GO AND WE WILL HAVE AN ACTUAL BABY. That statement of fact deserved to be in all caps because OMG, we are having a baby!!

These past few weeks have been crazy busy due to my nesting phase. Or as Charming likes to call it, the Throw-Every-Out-That-Is-Not-Tied-Down phase. He's had to forcibly restrain me from tampering with his "stuff" and keep me out of places like his drawers and the garage for fear of what I may do. However, I have managed to streamline our living space, eliminated a lot of clutter and made things more efficient. And I've gotten rid of a lot of crap we haven't ever used. Safe Nest, Goodwill and the veterans have been loving me these last few weeks.

I've also been in full-on Baby Shower mode with my good friend T. We have been busy preparing and stressing over the baby shower that is happening this weekend. I am super excited to have everyone together to celebrate this little miracle I've been carrying around for half a year. There is a Winnie the Pooh theme that mirrors the theme of our nursery and I have to say, everything is pretty darn cute. There's good food and fun games planned but I'll just be happy to enjoy the time with my mom who is flying in special for the shower, my BIL and SIL who are coming for a visit and all my friends who I work with and know in Vegas. But most especially, I get to see our little niece, the spitfire who captured Charming's heart and is probably a big reason why he wants a girl so badly.

The last piece of interesting news in this week 26 and 27 of the pregnancy saga is I had my fated Glucose Test for Gestational Diabetes. I had been warned about the perils of this test and what to expect. I knew I would probably feel crappy due to having to fast and then jump starting my system with a drink of pure sugar. I knew I would probably crash and the baby would go crazy because SUGAR! and that if I threw up I had to start all over. I knew it would take two hours and would probably knock me down for most of the day after. What I was not expecting was making an appointment for a Saturday morning at 10:30 AM and then being told I couldn't take the test because it takes 2 hours and they closed at noon. This was after I had fasted since midnight the night before and wanted to get this unpleasantness over with. Needless to say I was not pleased.

                                 *the dreaded orange drink!

But I came back on Monday and took the test early in the morning and had all the expected reactions (oh that drink tasted good, like orange soda but yuck about a half hour later...tired, cold, sugar crash) and spent the rest of the day resting on the couch to recoup. It was a good thing I was off for my birthday so I didn't have to worry about going into work feeling crappy. The good point in all of this is that I received my results and as far as my MIL could determine (former OB nurse and diabetic herself) I passed. So no second, longer test for me we hope!  I find out for sure next week at my next OB appointment, my first one in a new and final trimester.

Now to look ahead to guests and baby fun this weekend!

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Lynda said...

Why wouldn't they tell you when you made the appointment that they closed at noon on Saturday. That seems ridiculous!

I hope you have a fun baby shower! Sorry I couldn't be there.