Friday, November 15, 2013

Showering in Baby

After months of planning and many different ideas and thoughts thrown out the window, the baby shower finally came to pass. And what a success it was! Despite having a bunch of late minute cancellations on the day, fretting about not having enough food and then worrying we'd have too much, things pretty much went off without a hitch. Thanks to the tireless help of our friends T and M and my mom, MIL, SIL and BIL, Charming and I managed to pull off a pretty impressive shindig. All to celebrate the wee one in my belly! 

Here's a few photos of the decorations and theme (Pooh, of course) where you can see I went a bit Pinterest crazy and overboard on the cutesy ideas. But it all came together pretty well. We had some fun games, incredible favors and some really neat ways to incorporate baby things throughout the party. Plus it was a whole lot of fun (the co-ed diapering game got really heated!) and we got some amazing stuff. We have very generous and amazing friends!

Our guests were greeted by this sign as they came to the door, made by Charming and myself. And yes, "Acre" is spelled wrong on purpose. Pooh has a hard time spelling! We are going to put it in the corner of the baby's room. That's the great thing about all these decorations, we can reuse them in the nursery!

This table held the favors (beeswax honeycomb candles for the women, little painted honey pots for the kids filled with Teddy Grahams), guest book (a Pooh book I found), games (Celebrity Name Game, Baby Shower Present Bingo, Baby Food Guess Game), the adorable piggy bank commissioned by my aunt for the baby, a stack of diapers to write inspiring messages for 2AM diaper changings, the prizes for the games and the totally incredible, completely awesome diaper cake made by our cousin J.

We had a giant map of the 100 Akre Wood framed to hang in the baby's room and decided to use that for a backdrop for the stars of the shower: the giant stuffed Pooh and Tigger used for the Co-ed Diaper Challenge. Also had some decals and streamers all over the room for festiveness and some Pooh inspirational sayings here and there.

The food was all Pooh themed too, and I made place cards to explain how each dish was tied into the Winnie the Pooh characters (Kanga's Pita Pockets, Piglets in a Blanket, etc.) Happily enough, the food we came up with was yummy and fit into the theme so it all worked out!


*Loved these cupcakes made by Charming's mom. They look like bee hives, complete with Honeycombs and a sugar bee on top!

I also had red and yellow colored plates, cups and napkins, Pooh colors, along with a Honey Pot I painted to hold the plastic ware.

While the women stayed inside and played our silly baby games, the men set up outside for a poker game (after they participated in the Co-ed Diapering Challenge of course.) Buy in was ten bucks and a package of diapers. We had alcoholic nips for the drinkers and honey pots of chocolate popcorn for the non-drinkers as favors, a bit hit with the male guests who had a blast trying to beat my husband at the game he deals for a living. I mean, he has his own poker table...they should have known he'd be good!

It was a lot of work, but worth the effort. We had a wonderful party, everyone raved about the set up, had a blast with the games and overall had a great time! And best of all we celebrated the fact Charming and I are finally going to be a family. Happy Baby Shower!

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pogonip said...

It all looks amazing. You did a fabulous job and I smiled the whole way through your post! Pooh Bear is a great theme for your little one's nursery.

One step closer to a family of three (five if you count the kitties).