Monday, August 26, 2013

Congratulations! You Have Completed Level One!

I entered my second trimester in another country. How's that for multi-tasking?

I didn't particularly feel one way or another about entering the second stage of my pregnancy. Other than being relieved I had made it over the first hurdle and my chances of miscarriage had significantly dropped, the second trimester started out much like the first ended. Not being plagued with horrible sickness, fatigue or other debilitating first trimester symptoms helped make the transition an uneventful one. But I have had a few little missteps along the way in my first trimester. Food would sound so good until I smelled it. And then I didn't want it. Brushing my teeth became an exercise in patience and change of routine. If I brushed too long, or allowed too much paste in my mouth, especially toward the back of my throat, I would gag and my gag reflex being nil, I would throw up. This calamity still plagues me occasionally. I never had any weird cravings, still don't, other than if I think of something I want it right then and not later. I really craved salads and fresh fruit, which I guess is a good thing. I still have trouble drinking enough water, which is funny because it is practically the only thing I drink other than occasional glasses of orange juice or milk. But a gallon is a lot to drink and I never really drank a lot before. But I am getting better and trying to keep up my end of things. This kid is doing all the hard work of growing into a human, the least I can do is provide a little assistance.

The one issue I had was the constant feeling I wasn't pregnant. Because I didn't have many symptoms, couldn't feel anything yet, I would have these moments of panic where I thought something bad had happened. I was sure I had lost the baby or wasn't really pregnant. This issue was made worse the day I had to go see the nurse practitioner for my check-up when my doctor was in an emergency C-Section surgery. I had actually been feeling a tiny bit sick the past couple days and mentioned this, along with my standard fear that something was wrong. I was expecting the usual reassurances that my doctor gives me when he tells me everything is fine and that I am worrying for no reason. Instead, the RN pressed the buzzer behind her, called another nurse in and said we had to get a fetal heart check right away. Not something you want to tell a first-time expectant mother, in the frantic tone she used. Immediately, I thought something was terribly wrong and started to freak out. In the end, everything was fine and we got some bonus pictures out of the whole ordeal, but I didn't need the extra stress. My doctor later warned me to ignore that particular RN's hysterics, apparently he doesn't like his patients to go to her because she makes us feel anxious and scared for no reason.

Our trip to Vancouver was one indication that I couldn't quite do things I used to. My stamina wasn't up to par for hours and miles of walking around the city. By the second day I was beat and had to spend most of the time resting in our hotel room. It was also hard to find affordable things to eat 6 times a day so we took to taking a backpack with us with snacks everywhere we went. And as someone who loves cold cold water, I had to adjust to drinking lukewarm liquids since ice seemed to be in short supply in Canada. Not something I would ever thought would be an issue.

Other than these small hurdles, I made it past the first step of my pregnancy. And with four months under my belt I am almost halfway there. Which is both terrifying and thrilling. Mostly terrifying. There's so much to do to get ready and we only have 5 months to do it! All this lazing around and enjoying the fact I am pregnant has been a waste of time. Now we have to get serious because this kid is coming, whether we are ready or not.

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