Sunday, July 22, 2012

Juicing! Days Seventeen & Eighteen: Juicing in Public

Day Seventeen Meals - Breakfast: Carrot/Grapefruit/Orange Juice; Snack: Kale chips; Lunch: Carrot/Apple/Orange/Celery Juice; Snack: Edamame snack; Dinner: Carrot/Apple/Orange/Beet/Celery/Kale Juice; Snack: Veggie chips, Kale chips and Grapefruit/Orange/Apple Juice

Day Eighteen Meals - Breakfast: Grapefruit/Orange/Apple Juice; Snack: Watermelon and some raw veggies; Lunch: Salad and Roast Beef with Mushrooms, Cabbage and Potatoes (only had two small pieces of those); Dinner: Carrot/Beet/Celery/Lime Juice; Snack: Kale Chipcs, Kale/Apple/Celery Juice

I had a request for a picture of some of juices so here's what the inside of my fridge looked like last night. Three of these juices are now gone and in my belly. Yum!

Please disregard the champagne behind the juice in the fridge. It was for the baby shower I went to today. But I'll get to that in a moment. The juices are a variety of kinds, on the left it is darker because it has kale in it. The red one, obviously beet. Orange was grapefruit/apple/orange and the light green, yummy celery and apple. I am really liking the beet juices. They have a nice sweet zing to them. But a pain to juice because the juice stains everything. I was scrubbing little red dots for two days after the first attempt to juice them. Looking at this picture makes me happy because I love these juices. I am almost sad I won't get to juice for ten days.

Today I went to my coworkers' baby shower. It was a true test of wills since I was in a party atmosphere and surrounded by my favorite things. Mainly champagne and cupcakes. But I was good and only had some watermelon and raw veggies. Yes, I broke my only juice rule for something other than my MIL's cooking, but it felt rude not to eat something. So I had a bit of the fresh fruit and veggies laid out and sipped my water, avoiding the cheese, crackers, hummus, cupcakes (white and chocolate, yum!) and champagne. I think the champagne was the hardest because I do love to celebrate with a little bubbly. But I was surprised that I really didn't WANT a cupcake. In fact I stood right in front of them and not a twinge. I have come too far to allow myself to slide back before I'm done.

After the shower I went to my MIL's for our Sunday meal. I was happy to see that this week was not salad based but rather roast beef with vegetables. There was a salad too, which of course I ate, but the meat was so delicious it was hard not to overindulge. But I kept myself in check and ate only a small bit. And it was SO GOOD! Plus I only had two small pieces of potato and focused on the carrots, mushrooms and cabbage instead as a compliment to my meat.

Tomorrow I will be running around getting all the last minute things together for our trip. I am both excited and apprehensive. I don't want to fall back into bad habits. Although I think I have a good handle on things that I won't do that. Tomorrow is also the final weigh day. I am a bit nervous again. I'm not sure what I would do if I actually gained weight. It will be hard not to think that I did this all for nothing. Except that this experiment did have a positive outcome. I have changed my way of thinking about and viewing food. And I know my limits. I think that is a pretty good thing.

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Lynda said...

Keep up the good work. Sounds like you are doing great!

Sarah Jane said...

Yay! Pictures! They look SO good. It always makes me feel guilty about all the beige food I eat when you see healthy food and it's so colourful.

Jen said...

Hey, Sarah! We want pictures of your beige food! ;)

Sounds like you are on a roll, CP! I'm really enjoying reading about your journey; it's nice to have you blogging again!

Sarah Jane said...

Hey Jen, I've just read your comment whilst eating a bowl of honey cheerios....I wasn't kidding.

Jen said...