Monday, July 23, 2012

Juicing! Day Nineteen: The End

Meals - Breakfast: Celery/Apple Juice; Snack: Nuts; Lunch: Kale/Carrot/Orange Juice; Dinner: Beet/Carrot/Apple/Orange/Celery Juice; Snack: Kale/Celery/Grapefruit Juice

I made it!

I made it nineteen days on my juice "fast" and I didn't cheat once! And in cheat I mean I did not have anything sweet, didn't sneak Pepsis in with my juice and I ate very minimal carbs. I think I can consider that a success! I do wish I was able to juice the full 21 days so I had a solid three week cycle but I did what I could with the time I had. I believe I have changed my outlook and attitude about food and know what is good and not so good for me any more. I hope to make smarter, healthier decisions in the time to come.

As for the big weigh in today, I stepped on the scale and ta da:

My weight is no 249. So I lost 9 pounds in nineteen days. Not a huge amount of weight but I didn't exercise either. I had every intention to and then thought doing it while juicing so much might have been too much too fast. I have a goal to start exercising when I get back from vacation.

And I'm not quitting with the eating healthy. I feel a lot better, I am more alert and I sleep better which is a huge plus. I will have a few special things on vacation, but not a lot. I am all about moderation and eating well. So when I return I will be ready to jump back in and continue on with my new healthier lifestyle.

I feel too good and worked too hard to let it all go to waste over silly indulges and cravings. I will be strong!

So we're off to visit the family for eight days and when I come back I will be jumping back into this little experiment and my juicing. I will not be giving that up, I love it too much. It has brought me a whole new way to look at food. Plus, it was fun spending the time with Charming and juicing together. Plus I just got a handle on what things I like and don't like! There is a definite future of juice for me.

I'll try to keep track of what I eat while on vacation. I found writing everything down really helped me focus on what I was putting in my mouth. But I'm not promising anything. I will after all be trying to relax and have some fun.

Thanks for sticking with me through this trial and for helping me get through tough times and giving me lots of great tips and advice. I really appreciate how involved people became with all of this. I hope you'll stick with me for the next chapter; Getting My Butt Off The Couch!

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carlae said...

Awesome! I might have to reconsider this juicing....I think it might make me extra cranky! Well done! PS Have a great time on vacation.

Little Silver Stars said...

Congratulations Amanda, you should really be proud!! Making a commitment like this was a huge accomplishment, and 9 pounds is nothing to scoff at! :) You ROCK!!!