Friday, July 20, 2012

Juicing! Days Fifteen and Sixteen: Another Day, Another Juice

Day Fifteen Meals - Breakfast: Peach/Carrot/Apple/Strawberry Juice; Snack: Orange; Lunch: Celery/Carrot Juice; Snack: Nuts; Dinner: Steamed Artichoke, Cauliflower, Squash and Watermelon/Cherries; Snack: Hummus and baked pita chips

Day Sixteen Meals -  Breakfast:Watermelon/Pineapple Juice; Snack: Strawberries; Lunch: Steamed broccoli and squash; Snack: Pineapple/Orange Juice; Dinner: Salad (with flax seed!), Strawberry/Kiwi smoothie; Snack: hummus and baked pita chips

Not much to report today. I decided for the last three days of my juicing I will be doing only juice, except for Sunday's MIL meal. No food if I have to chew them. So I juiced a bunch of juices for tomorrow to prepare, including some new ones using beets. I am excited to try those ones, even if they are a complete pain to juice. If their juice gets on anything it is likely to stain so you have to be very careful. Between the carrots and the beets the inside of the juicer was turning an organey pink color. Luckily that all came out when I washed it. I mapped out all the juices I need for the next three days and I will happily use up everything in my fridge, wasting nothing. Which is a relief after the great peach debacle on Tuesday night. I figured out first hand how quickly peaches ripen in 80 degree temps.

I will also not be weighing myself until Monday. I didn't want to weigh myself today and then have three more days of juicing. So I am waiting to see how I stand right before vacation.

I had some flax seed for the first time today in my salad and I liked it. I think it will be a good addition to my salads and possibly smoothies. I don't think there is much of a taste so that it won't affect what I grind up in the blender. Will have to experiment it to find out.

I made some kale chips that I will be bringing on the plane. I also have some dried fruit and a nut mix. No need to deviate from my good eating just because I am going on vacation. I am being all responsible and everything. Goes well with this new me, don't you think?

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Lisa said...

Ooh, let me know how you like the beets. I keep chickening out on trying them in a juice, although there are a lot of recipes for them.

I think you're doing so fantastically well with this! Are you noticing any psychological changes in yourself since you began this? It's pretty incredible how many things are affected by a good, healthy diet, actually. Juicing brings this to light.

Keep on juicin', sister! You got it goin' ON!

Sarah Jane said...

I've noticed some psychological changes! (I've been reading all along just mostly off my iPhone which makes it as difficult as possible to comment) You seem so much more positive!

Also, can we see some pictures of the juices? I'm finding it really interesting!

Jen said...

I like Sarah's comment!

Don't forget, you can always cut up your peaches and freeze them to thaw out and use later, if need be. Heck, you can even just half the peaches, and freeze them that way! You can also freeze anything else that might be ripening too fast or that you have excess of and might want to save for later.

Also KIND bars are a handy fruit/nut combo snack to keep on hand.