Monday, July 16, 2012

Juicing! Days Eleven and Twelve: Plugging Along

Day Eleven Meals - Breakfast: Orange Juice; Lunch: Mixed salad with baked chicken strips, watermelon; Snack: Nuts; Dinner: Celery/Apple juice, cauliflower, strawberries; Snack: Orange/Carrot/Celery/Apple/Ginger juice

Day Twelve Meals - Breakfast: Orange/Carrot/Celery/Apple/Ginger juice; Snack: Chamomile Tea; Lunch: Grapefruit/Carrot/Celery/Apple/Ginger juice; Snack: Red, Yellow and Orange pepper strips; Dinner: Mixed salad with chicken, cherries; Snack: Orange

I didn't blog yesterday because I didn't have much to say. It was a pretty normal day although there was one extreme disappointment. As you all know Sundays and Tuesdays or Wednesday are my two days a week I am allowing myself a full dinner. As I go through the week they are the two days I look forward to the most because getting to eat something other than juice or a salad is a real treat. I work really hard the other five days of the week in order to indulge a little with those two meals. 

So for this Sunday I started imagining the goodness we would be having at my MIL's house. Dreams of roast chicken, fresh beans or peas, perhaps a pork tenderloin danced through my head for the days leading up to that great meal. I was giddy with anticipation, especially since MIL said she had the perfect meal planned and it was something we liked before. Most of my conversations with Charming involved me attempting to figure out what we would be eating. He soon tired of having to place "Guess What's For Dinner?" every time he asked me a question. I would invariably turn it around to the food I would soon be happily enjoying. "I don't know where your socks are, but I do know I would love a turkey and some steamed squash." He stopped talking to me after I told him his fingers reminded me of the chicken drumsticks I wanted to eat. Garlic ones.

We drove to MIL's house and I eagerly opened the door to see what deliciousness awaited my anxious and underused taste buds. Funnily enough I did not smell anything wafting toward me from the kitchen. As we made our way through the house I saw the spread on the center island and my face fell. It was...

...a salad.

Granted it was a salad with baked chicken strips and hard boiled eggs and cheese, something I don't have in my salads. But I eat salad every single night. I WANT REAL FOOD! I only get a limited amount of real meals...I need to make them count and I feel like I wasted one on A SALAD!

I feel bad because my MIL was so happy that she managed to give me a healthy dinner and it was something I could eat. And I tried to be happy too, but all I could think as I munched through my 11th salad in a row is I really hate lettuce right now. And the kicker to this whole story is there was enough for me to take some home to have again tonight. Yay! And since I didn't indulge in an actual meal yesterday I allowed myself the chicken and eggs again today. Nothing to cut back for.


The weather has still been kicking my butt. I just feel so worn out from the humidity, which is embarrassing because I grew up with this kind of weather. However, living out here I got used to the dry heat and am not cut out for humidity any more. This does not bode well for when we are back east for our vacation.

We leave in a week which means only eight more days of this juicing experiment. I can see the end of the road from here. But once we get back from vacation I will continue to juice, just not as extensively as I am now. Because even though it is time consuming and messy and a complete pain in the ass, I kinda like it. I definitely have my favorites and I am discovering what works and doesn't work for me (tried the fresh ginger, no go. It's all I taste, yuck!) So yeah, juicing may because a permanent part of my life.

And that is pretty cool.

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Jen said...

Ok. It's time to buy some quinoa. Red or black if you can get it, though the white is fine, too.

Then you are going to go to and search "quinoa" and start making THOSE salad recipes. Trust me. It's a nice change from leafy green salads and you will love it. The quinoa is a good, whole-grain source of protein & fiber, too.

pogonip said...

I'm enjoying salads for dinner myself. That big pack of Costco spinach, some Vidalia onion dressing from ditto, my beloved feta cheese and whatever else strikes my fancy. So far I'm not tired of them and they are soooo satisfying for some reason.

Keep going--keep sharing your nice healthy lifestyle changes 'cause they're inspiring me!