Saturday, July 14, 2012

Juicing! Day Ten: Around The Bend

Meals - Breakfast - Carrot/Grapefruit juice; Snack: Banana; Lunch: Mean Green Juice (no spinach in this variation); Snack: Fresh Fruit variety; Dinner: Salad with lots of veggies, clementines; Snack: Peach and Veggie chips

I feel like I have turned a corner and reached a new level of resistance. Today another coworker had their going away send off, complete with cake, chips, dips and soda. And I sat there while everyone else in the room had chocolate cake while I indulged in the fresh fruit tray also brought in (benefits of having thoughtful coworkers who know a lot of us are currently juicing or eating more healthy.) Did I want a piece of cake? Hell yeah I did. And I even thought to myself a tiny half slice probably wouldn't have hurt me. But then I thought of how far I have come and I didn't want to slip back into my old ways. So I resisted and while it was torture, it also felt a little good.

I am a long ways from a week ago when I couldn't even be in the same room as a cake and had to wait for the festivities to end before I could run in and grab my dinner and skedaddle out of there before I succumbed to eating something naughty.

But this puts in the forefront my worries about my vacation coming up. I'll be fresh off the juicing, ready to eat more chewable foods and thinking "Hey, I'm on vacation, so why not indulge." It will be an extreme test of willpower to make sure I resist most of my urges. I say most because I know I will not be able to resist them all. So instead of having three s'mores by the fireside I'll share one with Charming. I'll stay away from carbs as much as I can but I'll have a hamburger if we are grilling. The main thing is not to overdo it. In my corner is the fact my BIL is very health conscious and they all eat pretty healthy so I will probably be okay. But I'm also no going to raise a stink if spaghetti is made for dinner and I say I can't possibly eat it. One small plate won't kill me.

But I'm hypothesizing here, just preparing myself for the worst case scenarios. I already know form today that I can resist. So it will be up to how much I want to stay good and how much I want to cause myself to slid downwards again fast. I think I can resist. I have already made the first steps, informing Charming all airplane snacks will be of the nuts and dried fruit variety. No Twizzlers, Starburst or Cheeze-Its for me.

I think I'll survive in tact. And I'm looking forward to doing fun outdoor activities that will get me moving. We have plans to go swimming and hiking and even regular walks will do me good. I started walking last night, 30 minutes around my neighborhood at 1 AM. It was nice and quiet and cooler and I saw not a soul. I kinda liked having the time to myself, just enjoying the night and fast walking to my iPod until I broke into a fine sweat.

Refusing chocolate cake and walking without being forced to?

Holy hell, I may actually be turning into someone healthy!

2 Sprinkles:

Jen said...

:) Way to think ahead! You're doing great!

Next stop: start looking at food as fuel rather than "bad" or "naughty". Soon you'll be contemplating foods based on which contain the most nutritionally satisfactory content!

carlae said...

I've wanted a brownie all day, but didn't have one. First, because there weren't any around and secondly...I don't remember. Good job on the juicing....I don't think I could do that.