Friday, July 13, 2012

Juicing! Day Nine: The Weigh In

Meals - Breakfast: Orange/Grapefruit/Strawberry juice; Snack: Apple; Lunch: Holly Juice (Carrots, Orange, Pineapple, Apple, Lime); Snack: Red, yellow and orange peppers, sliced; Dinner: Huge salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, watermelon, grapes; Snack: cherry tomatoes 

How fitting today is Friday the 13th since it is the day I needed to step on the dreaded scale. I felt as if the DUN DUN DUN music was playing as I took the plunge. I was a bit apprehensive because I don't feel any different, so I was not sure I lost any weight.  However, the number featured on the scale brightened my outlook a bit.


Which means I lost 6 pounds in a week. Not a huge amount but not bad considering I did no exercising whatsoever, unless you count the walking two and from antique stores on Tuesday. I didn't want to start an exercise routine until I was sure I was okay with the drastic change in my diet. Too much at one time was sure to send me spiraling into a relapse. So I figured I would get the food portion under control and then attack the get-my-ass-off-the-couch portion of this new lifestyle. Tonight I begin my (hopefully) 30 minutes of walking when I get home at night. Since it is too hot to do anything during the day I decided I will walk at night or perhaps do some yoga on my Wii Fit or with some DVDs. I know my diet is only part of the picture so it is time for me to start moving!

Speaking of the heat, I have felt really lethargic and slow lately. I am blaming that on the obscene temps we have been having (115 degrees anyone) and the increase in humidity. Today when the rain came in I have found I don't feel as sluggish and blah. I will be taking advantage of the fact the temps are more bearable and get outside to exercise.

Tomorrow we are taking another trip to Costco to pick up some more supplies. I am going to be a lot more diligent and realistic in the items I buy in bulk because I do not wish a repeat performance of the Great Over-Buying of Raspberries Issue of 2012. I have also been doing smaller trips in between to keep my fresh veggies and fruits in stock at home. Experimenting with different stores and how good produce is in different places, I am surprised to discover I often find good produce at the 99 Cent Store of all places. And you certainly can't beat the price. Not all of their stuff is good, but I have timed it to when they get their shipments in and most everything is fresh. I got a personal sized watermelon from there that was delicious and lasted for four days. So there are some cheaper solutions out there.

I got some fresh ginger to try since a lot of my juicing recipes call for some. I have been shying away from the ginger root strictly because I had a bad ginger experience and still shudder at the thought of using it. However, since it is in so many of the recipes I make I am sure I am missing out on something. Either I have left the ginger out completely or sprinkled a little ground ginger in my juice as a garnish. It's time to get over my silly hangup! Therefore I will be biting the root and attempting to make the recipes correctly form now on, although my ginger addition will be half of what is called for to begin with in order to reduce the gagging possibility.

You're going down ginger!

The root, not the red-headed folk.

(I hope this statement does not set off a bunch of red-headed people to seek me out as a bastard to their red-headed causes. I have heard they frown upon the term ginger and may seek me harm. I can assure them I mean no red-headed harm. Only speaking in disgust against the root that causes me distress due to an unfortunate incident years ago involving myself and an unnaturally large piece of root destined to choke me to death.)

2 Sprinkles:

Jen said...

Sounds like all is well. Glad to hear it. Nice work!

Marie said...

Keep up the good work! You definetly have a great plan working for you! And your right all this didn't happen over night & will not be undone overnight! I'm really proud of you & I know your health will improve tremendously!!
As for the gingers.... I hear they have no souls (hehehehheheh, I couldn't help myself)!
Love you & miss you lots! Marie