Thursday, July 12, 2012

Juicing! Day Eight: Pressing On

Meals - Breakfast: Holly Juice (Carrots, Oranges, Pineapple, Apples, Lime); Snack: Banana; Lunch: Spinach/Apple Juice; Snack: Nuts; Dinner: Huge salad with Italian dressing, leftover grilled asparagus and sweet potato; Snack: Orange/Grapefruit/Strawberry juice and kale chips

Well I think I got all of my complaining out of my system. I am pressing on and I am going to fulfill my goal. Thank you so much for all the encouragement and advice. It really helped me get through a tough time.

Some of you expressed concern about Charming eating things in front of me that tested my willpower. I want everyone to know Charming has been nothing but supportive to me and was apprehensive about him eating things he knew I would want. I assured him I would need to handle it sometime whether it was by him or someone else. So he did not do it out of maliciousness to deliberately eat what he knew I couldn't have right in front of me. I pushed him to do it to test my willpower. I think I came across as a lot more bitchy when I wrote about it because I was in such a bad place and discouraged. He didn't do anything I didn't ask him to do. And he has been my biggest supporter, cheering me on when I say I can't continue, helping me juice every day. He is a wonderful champion to this cause and I love him for helping me through this.

I have discovered my body can not handle spinach too well. Which is weird because I love spinach salads and cooked spinach. However, the three juices I have had with spinach in them have left my tummy gurgling in protest. So I'll have to move onto another hearty vegetable. I already tackled kale so I'm thinking I may try beets next. I am loving the fact I have so much variety in my diet.

I did break down last night when I came home from work and saw Charming had made tuna fish. I had a teaspoon full which was enough to satisfy my craving. Although I did dream about tuna fish sandwiches all night. When I did Atkins before our wedding I used to have leafy green salads with tuna fish on top. Perhaps I will start that practice again after the juice regimen is over. My main desire is to severely limit breads and pastas from my diet since that was a main staple before. I love me some bread and pasta! But it was all I was eating and that is not good. I'm not saying I will never have a piece of bread or a small amount of pasta again, but it will be in extreme moderation. And I'm not saying that the fresh bagels I bought right before this juice experiment have been calling my name every time I open the fridge door. Their siren's call will not tempt me!

Tomorrow is weigh day. I'm not placing a lot of hope on a huge lower number. Heck, anything lower will be a welcome surprise. I am trying hard not to think of the losing weight side because I don't want that to become my whole goal, but it's hard not to hope the weight will come off. I know it will take time. I didn't put on a whole other person over night.

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Lynda said...

I hope you lost some weight! I think that would be great motivation. It sounds like you have a good plan going. I have cut out breads, pastas and grains a bit too. Pastas are so bad though, since I don't really like them. Of course, I had rice noodles Wednesday, because I haven't eliminated grains all together. :)

pogonip said...

way to go!

I hope the scale is kind to you and provides some motivation. The real payoff is when clothes start to get loose! I know that's a way off (for me too) but it's a neat goal to have.

I never for a second doubted your sweetie's support btw.