Saturday, August 16, 2014

So, It's A Funny Thing...

...having a baby makes it hard to get anything done. Prioritizing things has become my life. I can wash the dishes OR fold the laundry. I can eat OR go to the bathroom. I can sleep OR take a shower. I can read a few pages of a book OR try to watch a TV show in 20 minutes. I have become a master at figuring out what is most important at that moment. And sadly, this blog has dropped to below necessary. Which is how I ended up not posting for two whole months.

Bad new mommy, letting a little thing like a BABY get in the way of such things!

But I am going to try to catch up now and keep at it.

Along with Babycakes' Baby Book.

And her photo page.

And Skyping relatives.

And all the other things that I seem to have to do with a first child.

How the heck do people do it? I need about twelve more hours in a day...

So be on the look out for a slew of new posts to come as I try to catch up and get on a more regular blogging schedule.

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