Monday, June 23, 2014

Baby Blog: Two Months

Dear Babycakes,

Month Two
Weight: 11 pounds, 6 ounces
Length: 21.5 inches

Still playing catch up here. And yes, it's been two weeks since I last posted and I'm still three months behind on these things. Mommy is not a perfect person and well, she's got a lot on her plate.

Two months was a great month because you suddenly became interesting! You started to coo and babble and smile. That first smile, that I was sure was not gas, took my breath away. And then you were doing it all the time. Daddy and I would take turns to see who could make you smile more because those big grins were like crack. You couldn't help but love them and want more and more. Basically we just walked around the house smiling like idiots all month. Well, not really because you still weren't sleeping all that great.

Month two was also when I was completely on my own with you for the first time. Daddy went back to work. Grammy went back to Massachusetts and Grampy followed a week and a half later. Grandma even went to Texas for two weeks leaving me all. alone. I was a bit terrified at first, thinking I would somehow break you or hurt you or forget something and screw everything up. But after the first few nights you and I got into a routine that worked and managed to start making this mommy and baby thing work. It also helped that you were a pretty agreeable baby. A bit fussy at times, especially between nine and midnight still, but not horrible. I had expected 24 hours of a screaming, wailing child, inconsolable and making me pull my hair out. But you ate well and slept occasionally, but mostly you were content to just lay in my arms or swing in your swing and just chill. I am not sure we will get lucky enough with such an easy going baby if we were to someday, if we were to lose our minds, try this crazy experience again.

The day you turned two months old also marked the end of my maternity leave and my first day back to work, something I'll get into for next month's letter. I had loved the two months we had together, the last of which was mostly just you and me was cherished time. The change in our schedule was upsetting to say the least. But I am so happy you and I got that one on one time together and really get a chance to bond. I'd take the sleepless nights and two hour feedings all over again if that meant more time with you!

We had your two month check up and this was the dreaded first shots visit. I stressed about this because I wasn't sure how you would react to the shots and how we would react to you reacting. Like most things I was over thinking everything. The doctor checked you out, declared you perfectly healthy, answered all my dumb questions (Is her poop really supposed to be that color? Why does she shove her whole fist in her mouth instead of just her thumb? Answers: Yes and because you can) and then told us the nurse would be in to give you your shots. Two in one leg, one in another and one orally. You were smiling and happy until the pricks happened and then your little face crumpled right up and your lip quivered and WHAAAAAA!!!! But the nurse was very efficient and you barely got two breaths out before I had you nursing. Three sucks and you were fine as could be and back to being a smiley baby. That evening we watched you very closely but other than a ramped up amount of fussiness you didn't seem to react poorly. We gave you half a dosage of baby Tylenol to help you get comfortable and you were fine. I think seeing you get poked hurt us more than you.

This month you officially outgrew all your newborn clothes so we moved into three month sizes. Some of the newborn clothes you never even wore. You also ventured into size one in diapers for about two weeks before you out grew those too and we had to move you into size two. You were growing like a weed and learning things every day. And we were learning too. Like how dairy upset your tummy so I tried to eat as little as I could (although I can't give up my cheese all together) And you were not particularly cuddly, in fact when you were upset you barely liked to be held. We called it stiff baby and we would just have to try and mould you in to a more pliable position so we could feed you or change you.

The main thing you had going for you was your incomprehensible cuteness. I say incomprehensible because not an hour went by when Daddy and I wouldn't think how did we make such an adorable baby? You really just seemed to get cuter every day, which came in handy those times when you hadn't slept all night and I was seriously rethinking this whole parenting thing. One look at your sweet face and I was a goner, lost in those big blue eyes. Suddenly the crying didn't matter so much any more. Because you were my baby and I couldn't be luckier.

Love, Mommy

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