Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Life and Times of a Sick Pregnant Woman

I have had a fairly uneventful pregnancy. I didn't have a lot of morning sickness or other annoying pregnancy ails that people warned me were coming. I was tired, sure, and had some regular aches and pains and weird little quirks like still not being able to brush my teeth sometimes without gagging. But the surge of energy in my second trimester helped me to get a lot of home projects done so I feel somewhat accomplished and prepared for the baby's arrival now.

However, being pregnant and sick is a whole other ball game. Apparently I can handle being pregnant just fine. Throw in a head cold that has lingered on and tortured me for two weeks and it becomes unbearable. Add the holidays and I just don't want to get out of bed.

On a side note, if I can ever NOT be this pregnant around the holidays again I will do my darnedest to make that happen. The responsibilities of trying to prepare for baby's arrival in this last month and a half and having to juggle holiday preparations has just been merciless. I was so ready to call off Christmas, acting like it wasn't happening because I was so overwhelmed and stressed out about everything. And it's not even trying to buy presents or decorating. It's attempting to coordinate all the things I have to do holiday and baby-wise around shortened holiday schedules and people being off due to vacations. I had pediatricians to meet and classes to take and things that need to fall into place before the first of the year and no one is around to do them! And if I wait until January it will be too late because, hello, technically baby could come any time starting in two weeks. TWO WEEKS!  Once I hit 36 weeks anything can happen and that happens in TWO WEEKS!! Did I mention I could have a baby as soon as TWO WEEKS away?! And it's not like I have been slacking on these things. But everything needs to happen in order. I can't register at the hospital until we find a pediatrician. I can't get the car seats installed until we find another car for Charming to drive (kinda hard for him to strap a car seat on his motorcycle.) I can't finish the nursery until we buy the last items needed which we don't have time to buy because I am busy doing everything else. All these little things that I thought would be done by now so I could smooth sail into my last month of pregnancy have now jammed up and been pushed back and this has increased the stress load considerably. So no, I don't have time for fa la la la la and ho ho ho right now. I have a baby to prepare for.

Back to Miss Sickie. I got a head cold and had to literally work through it because it happened during my ten day stint of working straight a week ago. And now the remnants have lingered enough to be annoying. I still have a slight cough and drippy nose and have to sleep with nose strips and carry around tissue everywhere I go. And I'm sooooo tired. More than usual tired. Third trimester and sick does not go well together. The worst is in the mornings because everything drips down my throat, which makes me cough hard, which makes me gag, which makes me throw up. I have thrown up more in the last two weeks than I have my entire pregnancy. Also, my eating habits changed dramatically. Everything I used to love, salads, fresh fruits etc, doesn't agree with me any more and causes huge heartburn which sets off my throat, my cough and well, you know where that leads. So I've gained more weight in the last two weeks than I have in the last four months. All of this has made me MISERABLE! And the baby apparently doesn't care how I'm feeling because it is up all the time, kicking and moving and trying out those new limbs it's just discovering. I have elbows and knees poking into my ribs and a head pressing on my cervix thus I'm short of breath and have to pee every 45 minutes. So yeah, I'm not doing too good.

All part of the experience, right?

Honestly, I am ready to get this baby out and here in the real world. Time seems to have slowed down and this last month has taken an eternity. And while I still freak out that we are going to have a baby in as soon as TWO WEEKS, I am also super excited to get through the next few weeks and make that happen.

But that might be because the next stage is going to be super messy and I'm trying not to stress about THAT too much right now. Can't we just have our baby come by stork like in the movies? Sounds a lot less painful and bloody.

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