Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's Getting Real!

We have a crib, people! Things just officially got real!!

I don't know why putting the crib together cemented something in me that this is really happening, that we are having a baby, but it did. Maybe because the room is starting to look more and more like a nursery and less like our spare room where we kept stacks of extra toilet paper and Charming did manly things like play with fishing stuff and make model cars. That actually doesn't sound very manly, more teenagery. I am married to a 13-year-old trapped in a much older man's body, apparently.

Here's the crib, without any bedding, decorations or even a mattress (Put together by Charming with an instruction-reading assist by myself. And the kitties, they had to help, of course, by stepping on everything and basically making the job that much more difficult because they had to inspect and lay on every piece.) We think it looks pretty nice and we can't wait to get the other pieces to make the room complete. I am sure we will soon be swimming in incredible baby stuff and won't be able to tell which end is up. But for now, this particular item is pretty cool.

And we are just that much more prepared. Let's do this baby thing!

*Can't wait to get the dresser/changing table and bureau and all the other things to make this room perfect for our child. Ackkk! There's going to be a baby in there in a few months!!

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pogonip said...

So sweet--you made me smile!