Sunday, September 15, 2013

Temporary Hold

Excuse this brief interruption of posts about my bodily functions and what I ate for dinner (I know, you are all heartbroken over not being able to read about this stuff for awhile) but I am so bogged down at work with having to come in early for the last two weeks and train new people on new equipment for new shows, I can't even think straight. I even forgot today was Sunday.

I have been working very long hours with a lot of stress and I would be lying if I am not concerned about what all this turmoil may be doing to the Gummy Bear. But I have an appointment with my OB on Wednesday so I'm holding out that everything is fine until then. And when he gives me the A-OK, I'll feel a whole lot better and stop plotting of ways to sue my job for inhospitable work practices toward a pregnant woman.

Hang tough, I promise I shall return when the scripts and camera cables settle, which should be in about a week. I am not remotely done indulging in some more TMI posts about the wonderful (scary) changes going on.

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