Monday, August 18, 2014

Baby Blog: Three Months

Weight: 12 pounds, 6 ounces
Length: 23 inches

Dear Babycakes,

Yes, you are almost seven months old and I am just now getting around to writing about your third month. There are times Mommy sucks even though she means well. Better get used to it kid.

This month was all about discoveries. It's like you woke up one day and thought "Woah, there's a whole WORLD out there and it has all this STUFF in it! What can I put in my mouth first?!"

It started with your fist. You sucked on that fist like your life depended on it, at times gagging yourself several times until we would extract this soggy appendage from your mouth. Your dad joked about how this assured us you could never make it in porn, something you most certainly will never know the existence of because, of course, you're perfect and innocent. (Side note: If you are in fact in porn at the time of reading this please know I hope nothing we did or said lead you to that lifestyle choice. Although if there was something to push you down that dark path, the culprit will probably turn out to be this blog. I'm sorry. Mommy loves you! Wear condoms!)

You also started to grab your toys hanging above you on your play mat. With a surprisingly strong grip for someone so small you would pull these toys down and try to get them in your mouth. daddy and I could spend hours watching you try again and again to eat your toys, not understanding they were attached and unable to bend to your will.

You also started sucking on your tongue. Something that annoyed the heck out of your father and grandmother. I figured you were just figuring out you had this thing in your mouth and hey! It's another thing I can suck on! You stopped doing it so much later on once you realized you could grab your feet and woah! Stick those in your mouth too?! (Do you see a pattern here?)

You had your first giggle which I wish I could bottle up and save for dreary days when I need a pick me up. It was so cute and so sweet and for something so mundane as giving you a goofy face to laugh at. Once we figured out you wanted to laugh we would do everything in our power to try and make that happen. But those giggles in the beginning were precious. You gave a lot of smiles but not many laughs right away. So when you did let one out they were extra special to us because not everything made you laugh. Grinning you had down pat and as a generally happy baby you smiled a lot! You also started to recognize your name which was really cool.

Those bad hours at night from nine until midnight thankfully came to an end. Now you were wired right before bed, which we kept at around 1 AM because that is when I got home from work and could put you to bed. Yes, mommy suddenly was not around as much any more. Something that tore my heart out every day but you seemed to take in stride. Mainly because you had Daddy and Grandma to keep you company so not having Mommy around didn't seem too bad with two out of the three people you saw constantly sticking around. Going back to work was harder than I thought. I hated leaving you every day and not seeing you for so long. But I got used to it and although I still miss you terribly it's something I have to do. Seeing you light up and start to wiggle when you saw me each night when I came home helped a lot to ease my guilt at leaving you.

At work I pumped to keep up with your feeding schedule so Daddy and Grandma could feed you while I was gone. Now you got four bottles a day instead of one, something I didn't like but was inevitable since I was not there to feed you every three hours. You never had a problem with the bottles and going back and forth was not an issue. Except for distractions. We started having to urn off the TV and have people leave the room because you would get distracted while eating. Everything was so exciting you wanted to see everything, even while trying to eat. But you must be getting enough to eat because you were growing like a weed and already in six month size clothes.

But I was always home to put you to bed, our special Babycakes and Mommy time. We would have a bath, read a story, sing some songs and after I nursed you it would be time for bed. I cherished these times with you, especially since the night time wakeups were getting scarcer. You were sleeping up to eight hours straight through the night, something unheard of for someone so young. I suddenly was getting more sleep, even though I would still wake up a lot to check the monitor and make sure you were okay. But every hour counted after the previous two months of waking up every two hours. We were getting into another newer rhythm with me going back to work and it was turning out to be a good routine.

You also met your Uncle T, Mommy's brother and your Cousin B, Mommy's cousin from Massachusetts. Uncle T and you got along aces, he could make you laugh and you loved it when he bounced you around. Also, I got to witness my brother feeding a baby for the first time while simultaneously scrolling through his phone and watching Discovery channel. A man of many talents your Uncle T.
I was constantly in awe at how even more adorable you got with each passing day. Your little personality was coming through and it was amazing to watch you blossom into a person with likes, dislikes, wants and needs. Every smile, every laugh, every cry shaped who you were starting to become. It was a gift every single day and all the new discoveries you were making were amazing to us as well because we were seeing the world through your eyes and how new and exciting everything must be. You were showing us how to live again and it was beautiful. I don't think I could ever express how wonderful that is.

Love, Mommy

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