Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Update

Hello. I have crawled out of my newborn delirium haze to finally bring you an update. I gave birth to a fabulous baby girl on January 23rd.

Five weeks ago.

Holy crap...I have a five week old?

Where did the time go??

I am surviving. Every day is a new experience. Some days I don't get dressed. Some days if I get my teeth brushed it is a huge accomplishment. Other days I feel a rush of energy and actually do laundry and clean the bathrooms in between feedings and changing. Those days don't happen often but they do happen.

I am terrified to go back to work. I have a hard enough time doing this mom thing while not working full time, I can't imagine having the energy to concentrate on my job. Also, I'll be away from my baby. Away from her! I don't like that idea. Not at all. And for nine hours a day!! That is going to be a shock.

But I still have three weeks until I have to  face that challenge. So now I'll focus on my delicious baby and reveal in the small miracles we have every day. Because every day I keep her alive and relatively happy is a miracle for me.

Birth story to come!!

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pogonip said...

Congratulations and a big hug--being a parent is the hardest but happiest work of all! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!