Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Thankful Post

Since I never got around to doing all those Thankful posts on Facebook, I figured I could just do one big post here for everything I am blessed to have in my life this year.

What I'm Thankful For:

1. My amazing husband. I really hit it out of the park with Charming. There are still days when I wonder how I got to be so lucky/ Not only has he steadfastly been my best friend, lover and champion for over 13 years, but this new curve ball of impending fatherhood has really turned him into someone I can not wait to be the father of our children. He's terrified, yes, but the joy that surrounds him as we get closer and closer to meeting our little one melts my heart every single day.

2. My incredible family. My parents have always been there for me when I need them. Even if it's late night phone calls with silly worries or hopping on a plane to come to my shower 3000 miles away, Mom and Dad are my support group and advice go-to people. And my MIL has answered all my crazy "what if" questions without too much fun being poked at me and my over-prepared nature. Plus, she has agreed to watch the little bugger for us when I go back to work! But my extended family has been incredible too. To my grandmother who is tickled pick at becoming a great-grandmother so much she can't stop sending me things for "the little Gummy Bear," to my Aunt who calls every other week just to make sure I'm doing okay. My brother is thrilled to become an uncle and the rest of my family has showered us with good wishes and gifts too many to count. I really am lucky when it comes to family.

3. My fabulous friends. Both parental and non have been patient and understanding with the changes I have been going through. I vowed to never become the type of person who would only talk about baby things when I got pregnant, but alas, I can't seem to help myself. And I am sure it will only get worse when the baby arrives. But all of my friends, those have been through what I am going through and those who have yet to experience it, have said nary a mean word regarding my one-track mind. And the advice and tips have been helpful at assisting me in figuring out what is going to work for us. I really couldn't have gotten this far without all my friends cheering me on and reveling in my joy at finally joining the parent club.

4. Food. Oh God, am I thankful for food and my ability to eat it! Never have I appreciated food so much. Things just seem to taste so much better when I know I am nourishing my child.

5. Sleep. Now that I can get it I appreciate it so much more because I know my days of getting 8 hours are quickly coming to an end.

6. Our kitties. They have provided endless joy to me, especially whenever I am down. Although they are still adjusting to what they can sense is a huge change coming in their lives (the pooping on the carpet has thankfully stopped, let's hope forever) I can always rely on them to relax me. Plus, they have helped prepare me for the wee one with their very needy and incessant ways.

7. Finally, to my Gummy Bear. I am most thankful for my sweet one and can not wait to meet you. At this time next year you will be about 9 months old and probably just getting extremely interesting. But we are so excited for your arrival and can not wait to see what little monster we created. Just kidding, you better be perfect or we're sending you back!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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