Sunday, July 8, 2012

Juicing! Day Four: Temptations

Meals - Breakfast: Granny Smith Apple Juice; Lunch: eggs, bacon, two pancakes; Snack: Carrot juice; Dinner: Mixed veggie salad with Italian dressing and watermelon; Snack: Cherries

Today was our Sunday meal with my MIL. She made breakfast foods. My favorite, of course. So I had eggs with a tiny bit of salt, bacon and two pancakes, no syrup just a little butter. Not great but also not everything I wanted to eat which was more pancakes, hash browns and the strawberry shortcake my MIL made especially for me. Since she didn't know I had started juicing she didn't think anything of what she made was something I couldn't eat, so she felt horrible about teasing me. But from now on she promises to make no carb heavy foods and more protein and vegetable based meals. I am still amazed I resisted that strawberry shortcake, which is my absolute favorite dessert.

However, I believe I am regretting the pancakes. I feel a little blah and my headache has returned slightly. So I'm going to have to be careful with the heavier things on the days I eat actual food.

I also had to deal with a bit of temptation today. A coworker is leaving and was given a going away party. I had to stay out of the break room and wait until everyone was gone because even the thought of being around people eating cake and cupcakes and brownies and soda was too much for me to bear. Problem was, my dinner was in the fridge in that room so while I was waiting for the guilt-laden festivities to be over, I was getting hungrier and hungrier. When everyone finally left and I met another coworker in the hall, she asked me where I had been and told me there was cake in the break room left over. I spat out a curt "No!" and continued on my way, snatching my lunch bag from the fridge and avoiding eye contract with the mass of chocolate goodness sitting on the table.

I had to go back to her and apologize because I felt horrible at how I reacted to her. I blamed it on the juice. She sympathized and let me breathe in her chocolate cake breath.

I am finding I can probably blame the juice for a lot of things. Snap at Charming. It's the juice! Start crying at random intervals. Sorry, it's the juice. Get caught sniffing people's dinners. That's okay, it's just the juice!

I should have done this a lot sooner. It's the answer to all my awkward situations.

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Lisa said...

Keep going! I know it's really hard to fight temptation like that, but you're training yourself to do it. It's going to pay off. And you're learning what foods give you bad reactions, etc... I agree that you should keep blogging about all of this; not only for support from other people, but for your own record. :-)

Have you had the green juice yet? Oh, that is my FAVORITE. It could be an acquired taste, maybe, but if you make it with at least 3 apples and then lemon (most recipes call for half a lemon; I use a whole one since I love the tartness)... it's very yummy. I crave it now, no kidding! I have it at least 3x a week. Just be sure to whisk everything when it's done, to combine the ingredients well... or funnel it into a glass bottle and shake it.

Jen was right on the other post-- stay away from the sugar-free or diet versions of things. It'll make you feel awful, if you're anything like me. You become super-sensitive to the chemicals.

I know you can do this and feel a whole lot better! Keep on going, and if you have any specific questions about juicing (are you using a Breville juicer? If so, I can give you a couple of tips both in using it for specific recipes and cleaning it) just let me know!

Sending you lots of positive vibes and good wishes! You are doing GREAT so far. It's a process. You're underway, and that's fantastic!

Jen said...

:) You're doing great! Everything you are experiencing is normal, reasonable, valid and THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

Fraulein N said...

I'm glad you're taking charge of your health like this. I make a lot of excuses, but mostly I'm just too lazy to do the whole juicing thing. I think you've set realistic goals and "rewards" for yourself, which will probably help you stay on track. Good luck!