Monday, May 28, 2012

May This Month Please Be Over

It's May 28th and I am absolutely ready for this nightmare month to be over and done with.

I had no idea so much shit could happen in one 30 day period.

It started out on the very first day of the month. The day my beloved Papa passed away. A whirlwind trip to Ohio later and I was thrown into funeral preparations and family obligations and condolences sent from people I never knew. I was so glad I could be there to help out and support my grandmother, aunt, uncle and father. But it was an emotional trip and left me stretched thin. Add in a visit to see my dear friend in hospice the day after my grandfather's service and I was ready to come home and some semblance of normal life.

But then a week after I saw him, my dear friend passed away too. Forty-two years old with a wife and a three-year-old son, gone just like that. Cancer. A word I hate with every fiber of my being. It seemed unfair to have to mourn two people I cared about so much in such a short span of time. But sometimes that is life and I must solider on. Even though I know I haven't really dealt with either loss yet.

Charming and I both started to feel ill. Respiratory issues, coughing, a lot of phlegm and sleepless nights. We tried everything over the counter but to no avail. We both were missing work, we both seemed to get better and then got worse again. Then our scheduled trip to L.A. to see a concert came and Charming had to make the grueling decision to not go because he still was not getting better. So I went with my friend without him and felt guilty and sad and didn't have as much fun as I would had he been there. But he did the responsible thing and when he wasn't any better went to the doctor.

Mistake number one on my part was not being there when the doctor prescribed him antibiotics which say right on the package may cause abdominal problems. I should have been there to raise the red flag and ask for an alternative. Because Charming took those pills and not two hours later we suddenly were catapulted back to last year and all the problems we endured when he was diagnosed with spastic colon.

So one hospital trip, several doctors visits, and multiple calls to work later we had to build my husband back up again from a debilitating issue that was caused by two little pills. Stress about missing work and possibly losing his job didn't help matters either. And the fact that by not working he is making no money and how would we pay the bills next week. And the fact we couldn't stay in our house.

Oh, did I forget to mention that part?

We did the math and realized we both started feeling ill when we turned the air on for the first time in our house. Around the same time we reported a crack in our shower and that we could feel water underneath the floor when we stood on it. So there was a possibility that either 15 years of dirty ducts (we found out they have never been cleaned since the house was built) or mold caused by the dampness in the shower could be making us sick. A theory supported by the fact whenever we left our house we did not cough and wheeze hardly at all and as soon as we stepped foot back into the house we couldn't breathe. So we called our landlord. But it's a holiday weekend and nothing can get done until tomorrow. So we have been staying with my MIL since last Thursday. Oh and we had to leave our cats in what could be a toxic house since my MIL has two male cats. That wasn't tearing my heart out AT ALL.

And to round out this shitstorm of awesomeness I was pulled over on Friday trying to get from our house to my MIL's house in time to get my husband to his next doctor's appointment so he could stop laying on the floor in a fetal position and act like a normal human being. In between my hacking and wheezing and coughing and throwing up on the side of the road (because I'm still not well and any time spent in our house makes me worse), I explained to the cop what was happening and the whole messy saga and he still wrote me a ticket. Because Las Vegas has no exceptions when it comes to school zones. A school zone a thought I was out of because I slowed down for the sign I saw, stopped at a light and saw no more signs. I was actually going under the posted speed limit. And he didn't even stop me until I was over a full block past the school zone so I didn't even know why I was being pulled over.

Guess who's fighting that ticket in August.

So June has to be better, right? It can not suck as bad as May has been. Because if it does I might, quite frankly, just call everything quits and run away to a new life.

Because mine right now has become quite tiring indeed.

2 Sprinkles:

pogonip said...

It can only get better. Right??

Why do things happen in droves instead of one at a time--ack!

Lynda said...

I believe things will get better for you as well. I'm glad you were able to see your friend, though it sucks that he died. Cancer does suck.

I hope things get better in your house. It sounds like property management needs to take care of some things. Hopefully by cleaning the ducts and fixing the bathroom, you won't have to move.

Yesterday I came home to a bathroom of bees. Fortunately neither Will nor I are allergic. Stuff happens in houses. We called this guy in, and he said it was the home owners responsibility to make sure they weren't in the attic, etc. (They aren't there yet, fortunately!) So, if your house is making you sick, I would guess it's all on your property management to make sure you get well again.